March 06, 2009

dicas adaptadas pela menina_Alice (o soutien de fecho frontal)

How to Remove Difficult Clothing - part II

Front-Clasping Bra

1. Determine the type of clasp. There are two different varieties: a pin-in-slot clasp, which has a pin inserted vertically in a slot, and a clicker clasp. Clicker clasps, when closed, often look like a circle or an oval.

2. For a pin-in-slot clasp, pull the pin upward. This will free the two cups, and you can proceed to step 4.

3. For a clicker clasp, push both ends away from you. Place your thumbs at the center of the clasp and, using a motion similar to snapping a small wafer in half, apply pressure until it unclicks. Then lift up and separate the two halves of the closure. Depending on the clasp, you will need to raise either the left side or the right side first; try it one way, then the other.

4. Slide the now-open bra off her arms.

Be Aware

To maximize intimacy, maintain eye contact throughout the entire process. Do not look away unless you need to take a quick glance at the closure.

alt title - como à espera do comboio na paragem do autocarro

in worst case scenarios

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